Jay-Z And Alicia Keys Cancel Plans To Write World Cup Anthem

Rumours have been swirling the Internet over the past few months that Jay-Z and Alicia Keys will be joining forces to write an Anthem for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. However, looks like these plans have now been scrapped given Alicia's lack of interest in football. The article also notes that Jay-Z is apparently a big Arsenal fan, so writing such an anthem would have been very plausible f » Read More

Cheryl Cole looks happy in Los Angeles

Cheryl Cole looks so happy as she hits the recording studio in Los Angeles. As well as recording a new solo album, she is also working on the first official book charting her rise to fame. It certainly looks as though the LA environment suits her! » Read More

Christina Aguilera - back with some Dirrrrrty lyrics!

Christian Aguilera has been away from the scene for quite a while, but she's back with a new album, Bionic, which drops next month. However, judging from this article, the lyrics of the new tracks aren't for the feint-hearted. » Read More

An Audience With Michael Bublé - coming soon to ITV1.

Good news for all the Michael Bublé fans - he'll be recording some new material for ITV1. No recording date or transmission date is specified, but this article does say he'll be performing new material. He will also invite the audience to quiz him about this extraordinary talent and successful career. Can't wait! » Read More

JLS Will Record Their Second Album In The US

JLS look set to head to the US later this year to record tracks for their second album. » Read More

A long-lasting movie career in the works for Miley Cyrus?

While Miley makes her movie debut in "Last Song" this week, questions are being asked whether Miley can succeed where others, such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston have failed - can she cross over from mainstream pop star into a successful Hollywod actress? » Read More

Fergie Takes A Tumble On Stage During Concert

Black Eyed Peas Singer Fergie fell during her band's performance of 'Let's Get It Started' whilst on tour in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. As this video clip shows, she wasn't seriously injured and soon hopped back onto her feet to complete the performance. » Read More

Sugababes dropped by Record Label?

The Sugababes have reportedly been dropped from Jay-Z’s record label ending their dreams of a career in the US. » Read More